My name is Kimberley Ramplin. I write and talk to journalists for a living. I hold a Master of Arts (International Relations) from the University of New South Wales and a Bachelor of Arts (Communications – Journalism) from Charles Sturt University (Bathurst). I was also dux of my primary school. You can google the rest .

I have travelled a lot, read a lot, loved a lot and hated a little. I am single, and while I don’t have any children, the ones I know seem to like me. I suspect this is because I have a lot of seven-year-old in me.

According to some of my friends, I’m hyper-stimulated. I read too much, talk too much, tweet too much, watch too much, spend too much, swear too much, love too much and hurt too easily.

According to me, my mind operates like a whirly-gig and I can do several things at once.

My hero is Steve Biko.

I’ve been known to text poetry late at night.

If there’s something to fall into, over or bash your shin against, I’m your girl.

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